The Board Of Directors

The Company has two directors on its Board – Mr. P.S. Premanandan, Mr. P.S. Prasannakumar. All of them belong to a well known business family of Guruvayur.


He is basically a Civil Engineering Diploma holder and a self-made businessman. He is Chairman of Radhakrishna Kuries Private Ltd. (incorporated in 1987), Radhakrishna Villas & Apartments Private Ltd. (incorporated in 2011). He is also Managing Partner of APPAS Cinema and Govind Regency at Guruvayur. Both are established concerns at Guruvayur for many years. In addition to that, Mr. Premanandan is a social activist associated with many social organizations.


He is basically computer programmer, but a self-made businessman in electrical fittings. He has about 15 years of business experience in electrical field, three years in interior work management, two years in private financing concern. He is a Director in the Board of Radhakrishna Kuries Private Ltd. and Radhakrishna Villas and Apartments Private Ltd. He is actively involved in conducting day-to-day activities of both the companies.