In Service Of Society

Organising of Eye Care Camps

Radhakrishna Group is an active participant in sponsoring Eye Care Camps for poor people, in association with voluntary organizations. Cataract surgeries and eye glasses are provided free of cost in these camps.

Sponsoring Cultural Events

Kerala is rich in festivals in which cultural events has a predominance. A variety of groups are engaged in organizing many a cultural event on various occasions at Guruvayur. The Group believes in promoting cultural activities which will strengthen the social bonds and help in building up of the society. Events like Pulikkali, festive melas, theatrical events like drama, etc. are sponsored by the Group.

Sponsoring sport Events

Many a young groups are active at Guruvayur for conducting sports events, like cricket and football matches, athletic events, etc. Financial help is given to them during such events. It is an acknowledged fact that cultivation of competitive spirit among youth will equip them to take up challenges of life, resulting in building up of society.